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Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Gateway is trusted by the industry:

Benefits that Gateway offers to Companies in the Chemical and Related Industries

Holistic Integrated Solutions for Your Unique Needs

A complete package of tailored software, printer selection, and perfectly matched label stock, meeting all of your labeling and regulatory requirements. Providing a one-stop solution.

Industry Expertise Guides Optimal Printer and Label Selection

Leveraging specialized knowledge and extensive experience we are able to recommend the optimal printer technology and label/adhesive combination to solve for your unique needs

Empowering Chemical Companies with On-Demand GHS Label Compliance

We enable companies labeling chemicals and hazardous materials to print GHS compliant labels on demand, eliminating the expense and hassle of storing costly preprinted label stock.

Solutions for the Chemical industry

Ink jet printers

Our Extensive selection of Print on Demand Ink Jet Printers  allows us to help you select the right combination of print speed and image durability to meet all of your inhouse labeling needs.

Cab Thermal Transfer Printers

Cab Thermal Label printers have been the industry standard for printing two color GHS compliant labels.  Let us help select the right model for your requirements.  We carry the full line of cab label printers.

Chemical Drum Label Stock

Specialized label material designed for chemical drums and hazardous material transportation.  Capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions over land or sea.

Barcode Label Software Solutions:
Bar Tender / Teklynx

Solutions that enable the design, printing, automation and control of barcode labels. We offer tools for compliance labeling, asset tracking, and other data management needs.

Streamlining Compliance Labeling for Chemical Industry Leaders

Gateway leads the way in the chemical industry with tailored solutions. Our integrated approach encompasses cutting-edge software, expertly selected printers, and specialized label stock, creating a seamless, one-stop solution.


Drawing on decades of industry-specific knowledge, we guide clients towards the optimal printer technology and label materials, ensuring cost savings, compliance and efficiency in every application. Moreover, our  print on-demand GHS compliance solution  empowers chemical companies to print labels as needed, eliminating the burden of costly preprinted stock.


With Gateway, our chemical industry customers gain a strategic partner dedicated to enhancing compliance, efficiency, and overall operational excellence.

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