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Ink Jet Label Stock

Choosing Stock

It is important to select the right stock for your application and Gateway specializes in matching the right material for your requirements.


  • What will the label be adhered to?
  • Will the label be exposed to the elements
  • How will the label be applied?
  • What label look are you trying to achieve?

Popular Stock

In addition to the common materials listed, other label materials are available to include custom materials for unique solutions.


  • 60# Matte Inkjet
  • 60# Glossy Inkjet
  • 3.2 mil White Matte Inkjet Polypropylene
  • 3.2 mil Clear Glossy Inkjet Polypropylene
  • 3.5 mil White Glossy Inkjet Polypropylene
  • 2.8 mil White Glossy Inkjet Polyester
  • 3.2 mil Clear Glossy Inkjet Polyester
  • *5 mil White Matte Kimdura Inkjet


*Certified for BS 5609, Section 2 and 3

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